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Hudson Portrait

11.13.15 | Photographed at Laurelhurst Park, Portland OR

I met up with Hudson and his mom Jill to take a few portraits at Laurelhurst Park in portland! Hudson is 18 months old this month, only 2 months younger than my own son who just turned 20months this month. It's such a fascinating age, they've just begun to develop the ability to really take in the world around them, explore, to figure things out.

When I plan these kinds of photoshoots I usually try to .. well .. not plan anything. Have you ever tried to pose a toddler for a photograph? Good luck! And to me, it doesn't necessarily capture that spirit or wonder and excitement we love to see in our toddlers; so I try to keep it as natural as possible. I learned this through photographing my own son on many occasions. I've posed him in chairs, in outfits, with props, you name it, there's a photo of Harry doing it. But my favorites truly capture his personality, and those are taken on the fly, following behind him at a park, on a trail, petting goats or picking dandelions.

So we let Hudson loose! 

He immediately ran after the dogs playing frisbee, so with a slight re-directing, his mom Jill and I just followed him around the park, letting him lead the way for the most part. Climb hills, chase ducks, check out some birds, play in the leaves; and if we were not there probably would have considered a swim in the lake.

I hope through this method you can look back on the photographs and remember his mannerism, the smell of the leaves that day, what his face looked like seeing something for the first time, excited to chase ducks or picking his own path to walk. It's about preserving his personality and making it easier to reflect upon years later. 

As a parent and as a lifestyle portrait photographer this is absolutely the best way to photograph anyone really, but especially children.

Enjoy the photos!


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