Good Morning Florida - Stephen Jennings Photography

Vacation Time!

Jessica and I have not taken a vacation since May 2013 - when we went to Ireland. Poor Harry has never been on a vacation. Just kidding, he doesn't care, and besides his life IS a vacation. We've made our way to Panama City Beach, Florida, and let me tell you, even with poor weather it's so nice to be on a warm beach for once. 

Well let's start with something that might be obvious: Flying with a 2 year old isn't fun. We dreaded it for weeks in advance, we planned many ways of distracting Harry, treats, presents, games, plans and backup plans, and if it all failed we'd just pretend he wasn't ours, we just happened to sit by him is all. Actually, he did really well, not a single meltdown or cry, exceptional since we woke him up at 3am.  Anyone who's spent time around Harry knows - he loves airplanes. Has since he learned to point at them. First, he hears the plane, lets you know, then runs around yelling "da plane, da plane!" (in Harry language, I assume that's what he's saying.) He didn't actually seem to care that he was inside a plane though, he didn't seem to think any of it was terribly exciting. Heck, he slept through one of the takeoffs. The only time he really got mad was sometimes when I try to take his photo he yells "no dada, no dada!!" but I can't really help myself. Overall though flying with a toddler wasn't so bad. He played his games, ate some snacks, got deputized in Houston, danced in the terminals, waved at every plane, and tried to stick up a chik fil a demanding chicken.

We arrived at our condo (first time using AirBnB) - I promptly ran to the nearest Waffle House and liquor store. For you West Coasters who've never experienced a Waffle House, it's basically cheap greasy eggs and soggy waffles that taste like heaven. I took some night exposures from our balcony.. I don't know what all the idiots on the beach are doing with flash lights.

Good Morning Florida!

I think a good morning? SO .. I woke up at 5:30am to photograph a sunrise on the Gulf Coast. Well, nature decided that was a stupid plan and sent a thunderstorm my way instead. It was one of those mornings where you walk outside, notice the grey clouds and bit of lightning and think 'Eh, that aint so bad!' and continue on your way. Only to find yourself surrounded by low black clouds, a lot of lightning and a wall of water pouring from the sky - a literal curtain of torrential rain - racing towards you and your camera equipment. 

I eventually got the hint and headed back to the condo building. I discovered on my way that someone stole my sandals. Who the fuck steals sandals on the beach? I can't imagine walking down the beach, seeing some shoes and thinking "hmm, those look like my size!" and running off with them. They left one sad looking flip flop in their place. I stood there for a while, confused, mostly because they were shitty $3 sandals and figured I lost them because who would steal shitty sandals at the beach? The only people around were some folks sitting under a Michigan canopy. They're my suspects, it seems like something someone from Michigan would do. Oh well, the rain has given me time to update some of my website at least - it's been forever since I've updated anything.

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