June 2014 - Stephen Jennings Photography

June 19th: Figuring it Out

Earlier this month I upgraded to a Nikon d800 and I've been playing around with it, testing it out, getting used to the massive files it produces.  This camera is sharp - very sharp. I went with a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 (before I preferred a 35mm) and it's been exceptional for what I've shot so far.  

And that's after a major cropping.  It's taken some getting used to, the slightest movement is detected due to it's high resolution; not using a lens with vibration reduction doesn't help the matter.  The best benefit to my clients however is that this camera produces excellent prints.  You would have to order an absurdly large print for the photograph to begin losing detail.

Get used to seeing that guy around my blog, my son Harrison is always volunteering to have his picture taken.  I'm admittedly getting a little stir crazy; I have not had a chance to take my new gear out and experiment with scenes, people or what have you.  This weekend I have a photo-shoot at the Roloff Farms (Little People Big World for those that don't know) so I'll get plenty of exercise there.  

June 18th: First Post

My first post!  It's taken a little while to get used to the service I use to host my photography site (smugmug.com), and I have to say blogging isn't the easiest thing to setup.  I believe I've organized everything right regarding the hierarchy of pages/folders and so on. 

So anyways... a little about me I suppose? You probably know my name by name, Stephen Jennings, I am indeed a photographer based in Portland, Oregon.  I majored in graphic design, and I don't really know if there's a straight answer as to how I decided on photography.  The two fields are related in a few ways, and they certainly complement each other very well; I can use my photos to enhance my graphic projects, or I can use my graphics/marketing abilities to enhance my photography business.  There's something about photography though that appeals to me.  Perhaps it's the science behind the process, the way light effects a scene, how slight adjustments to a composition can dramatically effect the final piece.  Apertures and exposures, shutter speeds and ISO.  These all have to be combined correctly to produce a good image.

Lilly in the Rain

Of course there's not really a right or wrong way to compose a photograph.  This would be the more romantic allure of photography.  You're capturing your vision of the world and displaying it.  What you photograph, how you photograph it or even where you photograph all reflects on you as an artist.  

So yeah .. that's a little about me.  I hope to keep this blog updated while I'm polishing up my new site.  Organizing galleries, establishing carts and prices among many other details in preparation for an "official" launch of my photographic services.

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