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This is a truly unique experience where we will capture the elegance and beauty of dance. I seek out locations and surroundings that compliment your style and personality and use this environment to add a dramatic feel to your photos. Maybe it's utilizing the juxtaposition of a city so you stand out of the crowd, celebrating your uniqueness; or the quiet of the forests, power of the coast, or peaceful tranquility of a sunset. Location sessions with me will be more than just how high you can jump, or how flexible you are, but rather creating works of art that highlight your skill and dedication, as well as the beauty of both yourself and the art form you practice.

I use the beauty of natural light combined with the subtle power of high-speed strobes to capture fast action and illuminate against the sun. Combined with a shallow depth of field your dance will be the primary focus of these photographs. 

Location Dance Portrait Session:

2-3 hour session (avg)

Location of your choice in the Portland Metro, area (including the Gorge), Seattle Metro, Salem Metro - groups or 3 or more can include locations such as the OR/WA coasts for no additional fee.

No limits on wardrobe changes - I have a portable changing tent if needed.

High-res images through an online gallery hosted on my site.

$50 print credit

Investment: $350 (Payment plan available!)
Discounts on groups of 3 or more.
Senior Portrait sessions available - contact me for details!

Studio Portrait Session: Add $100 and is subject to studio availability at this time.
Spring sessions at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fields are limited!

Headshots, audition shots, etc - contact me! 

Travel: I'm planning on these dates and locations:

San Francisco from 6/11-6/16

L.A. from 6/25-6/30

Other potential locations include Orlando and NYC later this summer and fall!

Ballet Studios:

I'm available for group studio sessions, location settings, rehearsal, and performance photography. Contact me to discuss how I can best serve your studio.

**Parent must be present at the shoot if under 18yrs**

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