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What originally got me into photography was landscape photography, just getting out and taking pictures of anything and everything that caught my eye. From wildflowers, mountain ranges, all the way to the West coast of Ireland. Over time, I collect images taken from around the PNW and beyond and host my favorite images in galleries where prints may be ordered. I offer prints on Aluminum Float Mounts, as well as a few select paper sizes.
(note, if you order black and white images, they are best viewed with as "luster/satin" matte images.)

The photos above are of a MetalPrint at 12x18 with a "high gloss" coating.  The biggest difference between gloss and satin is the reflections, you can see gloss will reflect quite a bit, but the color depth is amazing.  The ink is actually infused into a coating, not "printed" onto metal.  As you can see the back is very sturdy, and there are little rubber stoppers that prevent the photo from tilting and becoming crooked.

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