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Professional photographs have proven to sell homes faster, garner more views, and in the age of online house shopping lead to more clicks. 

My style of photographing architecture is a "photo journalistic" approach, I use flashes and exposure fusion for the majority of my shots.  I'm not a fan of the surreal HDR effects that became popular a few years ago.  In the gallery below I edited a few shots in different ways to show the variety (including some HDR if you can point them out).   

I try and keep my pricing as simple as possible, but there's a few services... so here it goes:

Base Services... Include photos of exterior and interior, usually around 20-30 photos.  All files are hosted on my site (under "Client Galleries" where you can choose individual photos to download or download all the photos.)  Photos come in JPEG format, native resolution of 7360 × 4912 px .. that's HUGE!  Perfect for printing if you need it.. or a billboard.. Because you don't need files that large the .zip I deliver will be limited to 2048 x 1536 (or about) and file size is limited to 25mb (most popular max size limit and resolution for sites like Zillow or But you can download the full resolution directly from your private gallery. If for any reason you'd like me to create a custom size I can do that too.

Note:  I do not deliver RAW files.

$1-300k...             $100
$300k-500k...      $125
$500k-750k...      $150
$750k-1m...          $175
$1 million+...       Custom quote 

Some additional  photo services: 

Acreage shots $25 (fee only for 4+ acres)
Sky swapping (cloudy skies for blue skies) $10/per photo
Night or twilight/sunrise shots $25
Replacement shots or additional shots due to scene/property changes $50 
Video Tours (shot in 1080) add $75
Neighborhood, features or places of interest shots $50

At this time I do not offer "Aerial Photography" due to the FAA pending rules and regulations, however in the future if their rules are established it is a service I will offer.

Profile head shots 

Whether it's in your office, home or park a clear professional and current headshot is often your first impression to your potential clients.  $75 includes retouching, color corrections and will be delivered in it's original size as well as for social media profile and business card sizes.

Graphic Design Services

Hey, I gotta' use my fancy college degree somehow, right?  I offer a wide variety of design services upon request.  
Some of the most common services:

Custom flyer designs

I take the photos, upload the files along with a pre-made (by me) flyer in PDF format for you to download and print. The cost is $25 (so if I photographed a $275k house and made a flyer it would be $150!  Easy as that!) Additionally I can design brochures and other flyer types for open houses or any other need.

Custom flyer design and ... delivery!

uhg, there's nothing worse than stopping by a "For Sale" sign and there not being any flyers!  If you find yourself too busy to keep up with refilling those boxes I'll refill them with the flyer I designed EVERY Thursday; your boxes will never be empty for the weekends!  $12/week I handle the printing and delivery.  

Custom business cards, stationary, cards or packaging designs

The cost for brand development material is done on a case by case basis, contact me for a quote!

2014 Street of Dreams Samples

Since I've been asked several times "what gear do you use?" here's what's usually in my bag equipment wise:  Nikon d800 (36mp hi-res 35m camera) Nikkor 14-24mm f.2.8, Nikkor 50mm 1.4, Nikkor 35mm f.1.8, Nikkor 70-200mm f.2.8 (rarely needed) Nikon flashes, and for some high end properties studio lights if needed.

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